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Cheap Web Hosting

5 Cheap Web Hosting Providers

Cheap Web Hosting

Own a business that you would like to put on the internet up and running? Has this amazing website developed but just don’t know which web host providers to choose for? If you have answered yes to all these questions then be sure that you are on the right platform. Web hosting is a fairly recent phenomenon before we get into highlighting the top 5 cheap web hosting providers; let’s get to know the background a bit.

What Does Web Hosting Mean?

In layman’s term, web hosting is basically a service with which you can put your website or business online on the internet. So basically this is the core of a website or even your business’s success as this is what makes you available online for your customers. The description of the service itself explains as to how vital it is for you to have a smooth business. This makes your decision even more critical as you have to ensure that you get the best web host provider and that too in the most pocket-friendly way.

Importance of Webhosting:

With over 1.26 billion websites out there, web hosting service is gaining popularity, not only this but this is the potential competition that you have right now! There are many web host service providers out there and they offer businesses with an array of services, from getting you a domain to hosting your server and even setting up a DNS for your domain name, web host service providers make up the spine of your online presence.

Budget Friendly Web Hosting service providers

We have collected for you the top 5 cheap web hosting service providers that you can choose from today!

5 Cheap Web Hosting Providers Comparison

Hosting ProvidersPrice Per MonthVisit


$2.15 per month and you get free site builder as well as a WordPress upgrade. Not only this but you get SSL certificates and SSH access too.


A startup price of $1.99 per month only, this is your second best option on a budget-friendly web hosting list. You get an unlimited disk, email, and bandwidth along with free domain and free google marketing.


Host unlimited WordPress sites on one account on and that too for an amazing price of $2.95 per month and that too with the enhanced security feature.


If you seek high performance at good price then all you need is an investment of $2.95 per month. Recommended by this service provider helps you with free Cloudflare CDN.


With a monthly startup price of $0.01 per month, this hosting service is by far the cheapest service provider out there. With this provider, you can easily avoid the headache of contracts and sudden price hikes. Additionally, you get unlimited storage and automated weekly backups too.


While you may be enticed by prices of these service providers make sure that you opt for an option that is parallel to your hosting need and supports your website form. Additionally, your ideal host service provider should offer you flexibility, security and the maximum number of service resources. Only when you find a provider that meets your business needs only then opt for it as it is a long-term relationship that can have a great impact on the overall health of your business.

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